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Created in only 24 days as part of the RPM Challenge 2015 - (record 35 minutes or 10 tracks of original music in February in 28 days).


released February 27, 2015

All lyrics, composition and instruments by Mac McIntyre



all rights reserved


Mac McIntyre Guitarist UK

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Track Name: Drift
I'm floating... on an ocean of empty dreams
I'm walking... down a road without any end
I'm flying... through a cloudless sky with nowhere to land
I'm drifting... wherever life takes me I don't have a plan

I know you think I've got nothing to say
I just carry on drifting my way
You know I'm doing no wrong
I just go on drifting along

I'm dreaming... that I'm sat on some lonely mountain top
I'm thinking... thoughts that never seem to stop
I'm talking... but no one listens to a word I say
I'm existing... through each and every night and day

Track Name: Sleep Walker
Sleep Walker
Just lately, I've got a lot on my mind
Thinking about my life and the passing of time
You should be doing something else some people say
It's my precious time and you wont take that away

Wake yourself up now
I think your walking in your sleep again
Wake yourself up now
or you'll be this way till the very end

I'm just one of seven billion minds
Just trying to make sense of these insane times
I have no religion and I follow no politician
they have no answers that would change my position

I don't know what I hope to explain
Looking for answers in my solitary brain
But I wont do what other people say
It's my precious time... I'll do it my way.
Track Name: Looking Out My Window
I'm sitting in my room
Looking through my window
I'm staring at the Moon
and I feel a little tingle
and nothing seems the same
it couldn't be any clearer
I don't feel any kind of shame
because I want to be nearer... to you

I'm going really far away
at the turning of this season
I want to stay behind
but I cannot find a reason

I'm lying on the floor
I'm gazing at the ceiling
Somethings waiting at the door
I can't shift this strange feeling
Don't worry, I'm quite sane
It's only something I can feel
No need to take the blame
I know you want to make this real

Chorus.. etc
Track Name: Tear It Down
Tear It Down

Is it just me or does it just seem like this modern world
is more nightmare than a dream
Is it really true that we don't know what to do
How are we going to fix this mess
If we don't look for something new

Tear it down, tear it down
Tear it all down and let's start again

The needy are still needy
because the greedy are still greedy
It's the same old, same old game
Have you got it yet?
We're all insane.


If you believe your way is right
and everyone else is wrong
You'll be swapping your impossible utopia
for a dark dystopia... before too long

Chorus.. etc
Track Name: One More Pill
One More Pill

Breakfast in the garden with my peacock feathered friend
The Sun shines down this morning, at this Summer's end
I do some final poses as I smell the scent of roses
Now there's little time for my broken heart to mend

So just put one more pill in my tea
It takes the edge off this unreality
I'm in no hurry now, it's clear for me to see
By this time tomorrow I will be free

Breakfast in the garden with my peacock feathered friend
The Sun shines down this morning, at this Summer's end
I know I need this time and place, so I can see
there are no more steps for me to take in my journey